Since a few years our white cabbage variety Victoria performs very well in Africa. The main reasons for its success are because Victoria is heat tolerant and strong against splitting.

This movie shows Victoria in Nigeria, sown end of January.


25 March, 2020

White cabbage Victoria in Nigeria

Our white cabbage Victoria is a very good cabbage variety for African countries.

The main strengths of Victoria are the heat resistance and the long standing ability in the field, because it does not split easily.

Due to its broad leaves with a nice wax layer, the plant grows undisturbedly. Besides, these large leaves work as a shade around the cabbage, so there is hardly any sunburn or red-discoloring of the product.

As a result 75 – 80 days after transplanting a nice and healthy cabbage of 3 – 3.5 kg can be harvested for the fresh market.