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Since 1995 Wing Seed is a Dutch vegetable seed company in the centre of the European seed industry Enkhuizen. Our main markets are West- and East-European countries.

Our mission is to provide customers with a unique assortment of vegetable seeds that responds to their specific local needs in changing markets. In addition it gives the grower the opportunity to be distinctive from his colleagues.

The mission is accomplished through our ongoing contacts with local partners during the growing season. In combination with our long years’ knowledge and experience of the vegetable seed markets this leads to well-tested and well-performing varieties of high quality and yield standards.

Our novelties

Wing Seed News

Red Chinese Cabbage

After years of intense trialling Wing Seed has introduced two unique varieties of Red Chinese Cabbage: Scarvita F1 and Scarrossa F1.

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Red Storage Cabbage

Storage trials in Marne (Germany) proved very good storing capacity of Red cabbage Saluda F1. Harvested in October 2017 and stored at 1.8 ºC, Saluda F1 still showed a very good and healthy quality in March 2018 compared to standard varieties.

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Snack Tomato Dattorange F1

Dattorange F1 is the first registered snack tomato variety of Wing Seed. It’s an early orange mini San Marzano-type and suitable for Spring and Summer production. The fruit weight is 12 gram, it is tasteful and has a good shelflife.

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