22 Februari, 2023

Flat cabbage ‘Spring Salute’ and ‘Autumn Baron’

Spring Salute – The earliest flat white cabbage there is. Harvest about 65 days after transplanting. Suitable for the earliest plantings as Spring Salute is very late – bolting. Despite the early planting the cabbage remains flat and will not turn roundish. Because of its head formation and strong stem, the plants do not fall which results into a very uniform harvest. This cabbage has a very good, sweet taste and is strong against Fusarium and Xanthomonas.

Autumn Baron – The successor of Autumn Prince. It has the same field performance which means a long standing ability, combined with a good storage capacity. Extras of Autumn Baron are the very good, sweet taste and resistances (HR and IR) against Fusarium, Ring spot and Thrips. Depending on the planting distance Autumn Baron can grow from 1.5 kg to 4 kg cabbages.