News from the greenhouse

Our tomato breeder has made big steps in development and extension of new colorful tomato varieties. That is why in the season 2022 – 2023 Wing Seed introduced the first black snack tomato ‘Nightshade’ with a very good and sweet taste. Please be informed here about all our new tomato introductions:

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White cabbage ‘Dallas’

A very heavy white cabbage for medium long storage and industry (coleslaw, Sauerkraut). Dallas shows very good tolerance against thrips. 140 days after transplanting, very uniform crop and suitable for machine harvesting. Dallas has resistance against Fusarium (HR) and black rot (IR). The head formation is flat-round protected by firm blue-green leaves.

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Red cabbage ‘Aviato’

This red cabbage is a specialty. It is an early small cabbage with a weight of 0.8 – 1.2 kg. It can be used for the earliest plantings under fleece, because Aviato is very late bolting. Despite the cold circumstances Aviato grows very uniform and is harvested all with the same size. As a result the sorting labor with processing and packing is low. Aviato is suitable for later plantings in June as well and is then harvested in September - October.

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Broccoli ‘Spello’

A very stable variety, suitable for Spring, Summer and Autumn. Fast growth and maturity without losing its head firmness. Small beads, not sensitive to hollow stems or undesired leaf growth. Heavy weight (>500 gram) and a very uniform harvest (two times cut in Summer). Furthermore Spello has Alternaria tolerance, so less vulnerable to diseases under bad weather conditions.

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