Lantina (WS 1367) F1

Lantina (WS 1367) F1

Lantina (WS 1367) F1


  • Hybrid Globe type for open field production for fresh market
  • Vigorous plant
  • Very good coverage against sunburst
  • Good setting
  • Very high yield
  • Average fruit weight 180 – 220 gram
  • Firm fruits with nice external red color
  • Uniform shape and size
  • No cracking
  • Very small blossom end scar
  • Easy to harvest
  • HR: Fol 2 (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici) Fusarium wilt
  • HR: ToMV 0 (Tomato mosaic virus) Tomato mosaic
  • HR: TYLCV (Tomato yellow leaf curled virus) Tomato yellow leaf curl
  • HR: TSWV (Tomato spotted wilt virus) Tomato spotted wilt

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